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‍  creates  websites.
Rugged, super-fast, robust websites that last.
Beautiful, functional, responsive websites that work.
Elegant, stylish, colourful websites that always catch the eye.
Tripodmedia is your one-stop-shop for getting your business online.
All the tools, skills & knowledge in one place, to launch your site quickly & easily.

Tripodmedia brings together the three channels of audio, video and web design to get your
message in front of your audience.

Tripodmedia is your window on the world.

Heading Template

Heading Template

A modern effective website requires a multitude of disciplines to bring it to life. Up to a dozen different skills will often feed into the final product. As a bare minimum, you will need to engage a graphic designer, a photographer, an information architect, a copywriter, and a web developer.

There are two roads you can go –  search out and employ a wide variety of experts, and hope that they can somehow manage to work together – or employ a single developer who has the required skills in all the important areas.

That's what makes TripodMedia a one-stop-shop for all your website needs.
Everything under one roof.*


library music
original music
sound fx
interview editing


recording & editing
onscreen titles
aerial video
stock video library


graphic design and layout
information architecture
wire framing
usability testing
hosting & seo

Contact Kevin McNicholas at to discuss your new website,
or an overhaul/update of your existing site.

086-85 95 366.
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